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At age 12 I pictured myself in the middle of a Football field catching my first career touchdown. The crowd cheering because of the extraordinary accomplishment of what a touchdown means. Lights flashing and crowds roaring behind me.

Yes that was the start of wanting to succeed.

How did this vision come to me? I do not remember but I remember throwing the football during recess. At that moment I said I am going to become wealthy and take care of my family.

At age 29 i finally have made the decision fulfill this vision. Not through sports but through WIZ STUDIOS. 

The concept behind building the studio is to bring together like minded people with intention to bring to life Stories that can change our human conditions. 

As the founder I am building the companies foundation  through comics, animation ,  and films. 

Join the start of this Studio.

If you are reading this in the future just know that life is about decisions and you get what you deserve behind your actions.


Start. Adjust.Create.